Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bookstore Crawl!

It has came to my attention that our little City is overwhelmed by the Barnes and Nobles here.  I will admit to spending hours and probably thousands of dollars there.  I am just sick of the impersonal staff and exploited books.  So I decided to take a little trip and do a Bookstore Crawl with my 10 year old daughter.  It was a blast! We had so much fun together!  Our very first store sold new, and used books.  As we perused the kids section we came upon some funny looking Harry Potter books.  My daughter is currently reading The Order of the Phoenix and loves the series.  Come to find out they had almost the whole series in the UK covers.  She ended up having to have the Goblet of Fire with the Hungarian Horntail on it.  She wanted all of them off coarse! But I said no. Bad mom! We also ended up finding I good used copy of The Deathy Hallows, the one book she did not have already.

We ended up at a comic book store of all places!  Surrounded by inappropriate scary things for a ten year old!  They had a small shelf of used books.  As soon as I saw the book, my heart just dropped.  You see my mom passed away a couple of years ago.  She is the reason why I read so much.  Some of her favorite authors were Stephan King, and Anne McCaffrey.  There on the shelf was a pristine paperback copy of Dragonsdawn.  The same book that I would shift through when I was young and try to read, but was too young to get it.  Next to it were two other Anne McCaffrey's, All the Weyrs of Pern and The Skies of Pern.  I snatched all three of them up!  I can't begin to tell you the memories these books have brought back to me and how happy I am to have found them.  Next I am going to have to find some of the Clan of the Cave Bear! 
Oh, and did I mention this cool Hunger Games swag I was given free for Pre-Ordering Mockingjay from our local bookstore? They scored points there!!    


  1. Oh the Anne McCaffrey finds! Amazing! I think I might need to hug you. That Dragonsdawn is in super shape too! I need to buy that book. I loved it and want to reread it at some point. I was probably about 12 the last time I read it.

    Hooray Mockingjay! :P

  2. FREE HUNGER GAMES SWAG? thats amazing! what an awesome bookstore it must be!!! I'm very jealous :)
    New follower!Lovely blog. would you return the favor?

    Angela Z

  3. That's wonderful that you and your daughter went exploring your local bookstores! And what amazing finds-- I'd love to see those Harry Potter books. I wonder how many different covers they did.