Sunday, July 25, 2010

Author: Jackson Pearce
Released: June 2010
5 stars...loved it, will read it over and over

Sisters Red is a tale of two sisters, Scarlett March and Rosie March. When Scarlett was young, she lost her eye defending her sister against a werewolf, otherwise known as a Fenris. The two sisters grow up inseparable. The bond between the two sisters seems to be unbreakable until Scarlett's best friend and hunting partner Silas comes back into their lives. Rosie is torn between her sisters need to hunt the fenris down and the her need and compulsion for a normal life.

I was thoroughly engrossed with this book, and could not put it down. I love the play on little red riding hood. Pearce sucks you into a dark world with characters to relate to. The love and commitment between the sisters is something I can understand, and anyone else with a sister would also. The booked flowed well, between the action sequences (not for the faint of heart) and camaraderie of the three friends. The plot was a little predictive, but I was alright with it. I was completely in love with the weapon of choice by Scarlett, the hatchet. How great was that? This was the first book I have read in awhile, that I couldn't wait to read, but didn't want it to be over yet. Sisters Red took me somewhere no one else has, and I loved it.

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