Saturday, June 4, 2011

My New TBR Bookshelf

Friends, it has finally came down to this, I have to start an entire new bookshelf devoted to the books I have NOT read yet!  Ridiculous huh?  This pile includes books from Christmas two years ago, to the most recent purchases from my birthday gift cards.  There are also ARC's on loan from a friend, and even a book that I bought, and after buying it, heard it was horrible and will probably never open it.  
Summer time is my favorite time to read.  I love to sit by the pool while the kids splash and play, and I can work on my tan and lose myself in a good book.  Well, it is June and its raining.  Needless to say, I am falling behind reading, and my legs are so white they are almost transparent.  Hope everyone else is finding time to get their reading done! Happy Reading! 


  1. You have some fabulous reads in that pile!! Happy Reading.

  2. So many great books. The one that stands out for me in that pile is Wither. Great book!